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It is widely seen most people spend years in trying to put on muscle mass or getting more toned, which at times results in failure. Whereas some other people are there, having an urge to wear a swim suit with a perfectly toned body? Whether want to gain good muscle mass for getting more curvaceous calves, enhancing your chest or achieving any other muscle building goal, you need to follow some useful tips that will help in achieving a perfectly toned body with a macho effect.

Have a look on the below mentioned useful tips for gaining muscle mass:

  1. Be Aware about the number of calories you require:

According to your age, gender and current weight as well as the current lifestyle (which you are following), the number of calories required by the body can be calculated. With this you will get an idea of eating how much calories in a day will prove effective in gaining a good muscle mass.

  1. Opt for multi joint movements:

Single joint movements like bicep curls or triceps extensions do not build muscle quickly, which requires in including multi joint exercises like cleans, deadlifts, squats and bench pressing. Multi joint exercises work on more muscles in less time and allow in using heavier weight compared to single joint exercises.

  1. Consider lifting in a progressive way:

You should consider lifting in the range of 8-12 repetitions per set while performing 3-8 sets per exercise and consider in stopping and taking rest for sometime once it is observed of getting tired with a good form. This will help in building a good muscle mass in an effective and comfortable way.

  1. Eat a lot:

In order to put one pound of muscle mass, it is required in consuming at least 3500 extra calories, for which you need to eat 500-100 extra calories per day to get 3500-7000 extra calories each week that will help in achieving 1-2 pounds of muscle gain per week. You can consider in consuming calories like grass-fed beef (healthy protein sources), avocadoes & coconut milk (good fat source) and sweet potatoes and yams (healthy source of carbohydrate).

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  1. Consider using supplements:

Using supplements are considered a good source in filling up your nutritional gaps that will help your body get enough nutrients apart from the diet intake, which will result in producing more muscles mass.

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